Tips for Having a Splash with Dog Chase Toys in Freshwater

Taking your pup to a lake or river and adding some dog chase toys to the mix can be a ton of fun. But you’ve got to play it smart to keep the good times rolling.


Here are some handy tips for freshwater frolics with your furry buddy.

Scout Your Spot

Pick your freshwater play zone carefully. Find spots with calm waters, not too much boat traffic, and easy entry and exit points.

Check the rules

Make sure dogs and dog chase toys are allowed at your chosen spot. Some places have rules, and you don’t want any surprises.

Safety Swag

Deck your dog out in a life jacket, especially if they’re not Olympic swimmers. Even the best dog paddlers can use a little help staying afloat.

Shallow Steps

If your dog is new to freshwater fun, start in the shallows. Let them get their feet wet (literally) before you dive into deeper waters.

Current Check

Keep an eye on the water’s flow. Avoid spots with strong currents; they can turn your dog’s swim session into a struggle.

Dog Drills

Give your dog a crash course in doggy commands like “come” and “stay. These skills come in handy for keeping your pup safe.

Toy Time

Grab a dog chase toy that’s down for some freshwater action. Look for toys that float, are easy to see, and can take a soak.

Fetch 101

Practice fetching near the shore first. Toss the toy just a short hop away and gradually work up to longer throws as your pup’s swimming skills level up.

H2O Breaks

Keep an eye on your dog’s energy tank. Swimming can be a workout, so give them breaks and keep the water bowl topped up.

Rinse It Off

After your aquatic adventure, rinse your dog off to get rid of any water weirdness like chemicals or gunk in their fur.

Gear Up

Don’t forget about yourself! Depending on your spot, consider wearing water shoes or gear to protect your own feet from sharp stuff in the water.

Respect Nature

Be cool with the local wildlife and environment. No one likes a party crasher, so keep it chill and clean up after your pup.

Emergency Kit

Pack a basic first aid kit and know how to use it on your pup. You never know when it might come in handy.

Have Fun and Take Your Time

Last but not least, remember that not every dog is a freshwater fanatic from the get-go. Be patient and let your furball set the pace.


In a nutshell, playing freshwater with your dog and dog chase toys can be a wet and wild time. Stick to these tips, and you’ll keep the good times flowing while staying safe and sound. Enjoy your aquatic adventures!